Saturday, April 20, 2013

Uterga to Estella

If I ever needed a reason to do the Camino, it became obvious today -- the scenery is spectacular. We were blessed with another beautiful, sunny, but cool, day.
We left the albergue at 7 after being abruptly awakened at 6 by an automatic ceiling light. But it was fine because the day beckoned. The Camino trail took us through some exquisite countryside that resembled a patchwork quilt with its multiple shades of greens and yellows. We headed through Muruzabal and Obamos and made it to Puente de la Reina by 9:30. We stopped for some great pastry and cafe con leche at a little cafe and were joined by fellow pilgrim Helen from Canada. We had a pleasant walk through the city and stopped to admire the bridge, the city's namesake, which crosses the Arga River.
From there we headed through Maneru continuing on some lovely country lanes, . In the distance we could see Cirauqui, which looked like something from a storybook. However, the closer we got, we could see it was somewhat aged, but still had color. The path from there followed an old Roman road and then came to medieval stone bridge that crossed the Salt River.
We were feeling great so we kept on going to Lorca and Villatuerta and made it all the way to Estella -- 17 miles today!

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