Thursday, April 18, 2013

On to Pamplona

Another beautiful day in Madrid. Michele and I were up at 8 and treated ourselves to a delicious croissant and cafe con leche at a bistro down the street.
We had a lovely evening last night. We walked around and ended up at Plaza Mayor where we had dinner at one of the outdoor cafes. When we finished, it was after 9 but you would have thought it was 6. The streets were filled with walkers on their way to dinner and the street performers were out. Such a different lifestyle.
Now we are on our way to Pamplona. Before we left, the clerk at the hotel graciously agreed to keep a suitcase we had brought (for 1€ a day) until we return on May 28. We had to bring a suitcase to transport our hiking poles, a restriction soon to change but not in time for us.
We walked from the hotel to the train station, a short 20 minutes. Along the way, I was able to point out The Prado, the Real Botanical Gardens, and the curios collection of used book sellers that line a promenade. Amazing that there is still a market for used books and that someone can make a living selling them. We picked up sandwiches at the station and then boarded our train to Pamplona. We're off!

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