Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kelmscott to Fossbridge - Day 6

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Today was a wonderful combination of a tour of an historic home and a 6-mile hike.
We traveled to Lechlade to visit Kelmscott Manor, the home of William Morris.
He was a well known artist and poet who was one of the founders of the Arts and Craft Movement which sought to counter the mass production brought about by the industrial revolution. The aim was to encourage artistry and craftsmanship in the home.  He was very influential from 1871 (when he first leased the cottage) until his death in 1896. He was also the owner of Morris & Company which produced wall paper, decorator fabrics, tiles, stained glass and other decorative items for the home. 
Kelmscott Manor has been carefully preserved with many of his creations. His work is still relevant and  I have included many of my favorites of the tour here:
Entry hall
Iznik tiles from Turkey in hall
Fabrics designed by William Morris in Panelled Room and fireplace tiles from Holland.
Painting of Jane Morris by Dante Rossetti who lived with the family until 1874.
Morris's collection of Asian ceramics.
Bedspread designed by William Morris's daughter May and embroidered by her mother Jane.
William Morris's bedroom.
Tapestry room.
There was also an attic with additional bedrooms for children and a collection of fabric samples to peruse.
Afterwards we walked a short distance to the Thames River.

Caught a shot with one of our new friends Larry from Oregon.
On the way back we spotted a "pillbox," a WW II bunker similar to ones I saw in the Chech Republic.
This one we could go into. Hard to imagine grown men spending much time in here.
Afterwards we boarded the bus and went to Bibury for lunch. Unfortunately, Sydney and I did not have a lot of time for lunch so we ate ice cream and walked around.
William Morris has called this the most beautiful village in England. This shot of the Swan Inn and park is convincing.
We saw the row of very old weavers' cottages called Arlington Row.
Then we started our afternoon hike at 2 from downtown Bibury and explored the Coln Valley. The hike was similar to yesterday, going across fields, down country roads and through woods.

We hiked across the Coln River.
And we went through more small clusters of stone houses that were quite elegant and large in size.

Even a thatched roof house
and a thatched roof being repaired.
Among the villages we passed through were Winson, Coln Rogers and Coln St. Dennis where we visited the church.
It is a "saddle back" church where the steeple sits like a saddle on the roof of the church.
Dinner ended early tonight because it was a buffet so Sydney, Sally, Dee and I visited the Butcher's Pub.  
We had some local brew called Wainwright which wasn't bad. Just fun to be with the locals.

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