Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cusco - Day 11

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
My last day in Peru!  I was so thrilled to have the morning to myself to explore more of this beautiful city on my own. Even if I had a week, I still could not do all the activities available here. I only sampled the museums, churches, craft markets and walks in the area.
Today I focused my attention on the San Pedro market. This is where the citizens of Cusco conduct their business -- it's where they shop for food, clothing, services, etc. I found some incredible bargains here and wished I had discovered it sooner. But it's just as well, since my suitcase can only hold so much - and I packed it in.
The following is just a photo collage of colorful scenes from the market:
Very clean and well organized.
Here is a woman selling pan chuta, a special bread made in loaves as big as a wheel and often given as a gift to a hostess when visiting a home in Cusco. 
Loved the little boy and the others hidden in this photo.
Lots and lots of fresh flowers.
Interesting watching a woman wielding a hack saw on a carcass while another woman sells dried lamb meat in large sheets.
My friend Donna would appreciate the brigade of old sewing machines "at the ready" for mending, making uniforms or creating new garments. I know how old these sewing machines are because I have one in my basement -- circa 1950. They still make the best straight stitch
ever, especially on heavy fabric.
Also for Donna, fabric stores around the square. This store sold this beautiful fabric for 13 sols a meter - or about $4 a yard. I can't buy cotton from China for that. Bought two meters but why didn't I bring an empty extra suitcase for more!
And people who make a living with the simplest bounty from nature - fried quail eggs prepared on the street.
And wheelbarrows full of fruit.  These are the cactus pears (from beaver tail cactus) like we have in California) with the Church of San Pedro in the background.
And a wheelbarrow full of pomegranates.
Much too soon, it was time to meet my group to have lunch at Yuraq restaurant, check out of the hotel and head for the airport. As we sat around the hotel lobby waiting to leave, we realized we would be in transit for the next 22 hours.  First the plane from Cusco to Lima. Then our flight did not leave Lima until 2 am. Seems all the flights to the states from Lima leave around this time and the airport was quite lively. Arrived in Atlanta at 9:30 am and finally in Louisville at 1:30 pm. A long journey but well worth the effort. A great trip!

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