Saturday, May 23, 2015

Louisville to Lima

Saturday, May 23
Peru -- another place on my "bucket list" that I finally decided to explore. I think I have wanted to go here for decades and this year I decided to take the leap. Of course, it helps if you have close friends whom you admire who have also made this journey -- and most of them with the same outfitter - Overseas Adventure Travel. I was really convinced last summer when my Family Nature Summit friend Jerry shared his fabulous photos with me. I knew I couldn't wait any longer (still couldn't find someone to join me) so I signed up as a single. No single supplement with OAT. Yeah! And Jerry and I both got a $100 discount from OAT because of his referral of me. (He used his discount to go to Africa!)
Peru is a big place --- it's the size of California, New York, Texas and Maine together -- so most trips just take in the highlights. Obviously, everyone's objective is to visit the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu. But this particular trip focuses on the entire Sacred Valley (where the ruins are located).  Of special interest to me are the many villages sprinkled throughout the valley and mountains that are still involved in traditional textile crafts.  We will get to visit some of these villages, observe their processing of the alpaca wool, the dyeing and weaving. We will also be hosted in a home for lunch and visit a school. Part of my packing included gifts for the children and a hostess gift. We even get to raft on the Urubamba River.
So now I'm in the Atlanta Airport, waiting for my flight. I leave at 6 pm and arrive in Lima about midnight, with a 1 hour time difference (it will be 1 am my time.) Hopefully,  my OAT guide will greet me there with a big yellow sign.
We will spend 3 nights in Lima
before heading to Cusco (also Cuzco) for the next 6 nights (with 1 in Agua Calientes.)
I'm off -- leaving Louisville and the horses behind!

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