Saturday, September 20, 2014

Prague to Vienna - Day 14

Wednesday, September 17
Prague is such a beautiful city that I hate to give it up. But I can knowing I will be back in 10 days.
I woke up to this beautiful view from my hotel room at the Clarion overlooking the Ministry of Finance and a bridge over the Vltava.
I then had breakfast at the hotel with a lovely young Danish woman who was here for an educational conference. I mentioned I had walked the Camino last year and she was very interested. Said it was something she wants to do.
The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous day so I just spent some more time walking the city. I had been curious about this building on Republic Square near the Marriott so I finally went in. It blew me away -- a super, modern shopping mall hidden inside this old building!
I checked out of the Clarion and the very nice clerk promised me my room with a view when I return.
The train station was also very interesting.  From the outside it looks like something from the last two centuries but inside it is new and bustling. No problem getting a first class ticket for 69 euros for a train departing at 1:30 to Vienna. 
Easy to board, I had a single seat all to myself for the 4-1/2 hour train ride to Vienna.
Caught a cab outside the station (not as easy to find as I would have liked) but escorted me safely to my hotel, the Schweizerhof, in old town. Exhausted from some long days, I decided to go to the grocery on the corner, the Merkur, to pick up some food.  It it the whole Foods of the US on steroids. Finally found some bread, cheese and yogurt,  back to the room, and called it a night.

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