Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Burgos to Hornillos del Camino

Leaving Burgos around 8:30, the weather was about 32 degrees with rain. We donned our voluminous ponchos along with layers of clothing and headed out of town. The path took us through a beautiful city park (photo 1), across the Bridge of Lepers (photo 2), and through the university. Shortly beyond was this beautiful little church of El Pilar,which looked inviting, even in the rain.(photo 3). Michelle forged ahead while I held back to take photos and take care of some business. Lucky for me because our friend Brent caught up with me and we walked together and into Tardajos for a cafe con leche break.
We then headed into Rabe de las Calzadas with its beautiful 13th century Iglesia de Santa Marina. The village has put a lot of effort into its tiny town square ( (photo 4). Outside the village we walked passed the diminutive Ermita de Nuestra SeƱora Monasterio.(photo 5)
From here we headed into the sublime Meseta, distinctive for its undulating fields of wheat, soybeans, barley and oats. Today, since we had lots of rain and it is spring, the fields were all a lush green. (Photo 6). Unfortunately, we also had lots of mud which clung to the bottom of our boots and added a pound or so to each foot.
We arrived about 2 and fortunately, had reservations for a double with bath at Hostal de Sol a Sol, another Casa Rural, for 50€. Our friend Brent snagged the last room here, too. We settled in and pulled together some simple tapas with chorizo sausage and wine. After a brief respite, we went to dinner at the only restaurant in town. It was packed with pilgrims and locals and they even had "seating times." We had one of our best meals which included beef stew. Amazing what you can find in small places.
We walked back to the Casa past the Gothic Church of San Roman with the picturesque Hen Fountain (photo 7) and called it a night.

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